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A complete suite of Accounting and Tax solutions for your Business


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accurate and timely record keeping of your business transactions is critical in measuring the success of your business and for the future planning and growth strategies that will take your business to the next level. It is also a key requirement in tax compliance and will allow you to respond to any inquiries from tax authorities related to your tax returns or remittances. Poor record-keeping of your transactions can result in disallowed deductions and penalties.

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We can take care of your tax compliance requirements using electronic filing (efile). Whether you are a corporation, self-employed professional, an employee, or an entrepreneur running a small business we will ensure that we take advantage of the tax-saving opportunities available to your situation to minimize the amount of taxes owed.

• T1 – Individual Tax Returns
• T2 – Corporate Tax Returns
• Sales Tax Compliance (HST, GST, QST, PST)



From Startups to mature businesses, we offer Advisory services in the following areas ;

• Processes & Policies related to Accounting, Payables, Billing, Payroll, Procurement and
Treasury Management
• Assess and implement Internal Controls
• Support with CRA Audits
• ERP Selection & Implementation Support
• Purchase Accounting Support and Financial Integration of Acquisitions
• Incorporating your business


Payroll Processing

We provide comprehensive payroll services and ensure your staff is paid correctly and timely. We will also take full responsibility of remittances of all withholdings to Canada Revenue Agency and Ministry of Finance Ontario. We will issue T4s and other required T slips to employees and shareholders of the business.


Financing and Credit

We work large institutions to Private lenders to arrange financing for your startup or for growth of your business;

• Prepare Business Plans and compile other documentation to secure Business Loans, Truck Loans, Credit Facilities

• Access to 1st, and 2nd mortgages for residential, investment or commercial properties

• Solutions for Consumer Insolvency through Debt consolidation, Consumer Proposals and support you on credit repair and adjudication


Non Resident Real Estate Investors

• Services for Non Residents who own Rental Property in Canada. We can act as your
agent to CRA to remit withholding tax on rental income. We can arrange sale transaction
of your property.

• Obtaining Compliance Certificates to reduce your Tax Withholdings on sale of

• Non Resident Tax Filings on Rental Income from Canada

Let ASA take full responsibility of maintaining your bookkeeping and Financial Statement Preparation using the latest software.


If we are providing bookkeeping services to your business, our professionals will keep an eye on opportunities and risks to your business as reflected by the transactions and highlight such items to you. This value-add information will assist you in making timely decisions in management of your business.


Accounting & Bookkeeping


Software & Technology

We use the latest technology for client interactions and to exchange data so your business and personal data remains safe.


We use cloud based bookkeeping and Tax software to ensure your financial records are highly secured against data theft and backed up real time so there is no risk of loss of information.


We also use electronic signature tools and e-vault which allows you to securely transfer your data to our firm and return of the same back to you as required.